Protagonist or Antagonist

How ever extreme my methods may be I can’t help but to do me.* Enjoy

If i wasnt so shy, I can’t help but to suppose

that I might become the heroine of prose

Because with my x-ray’s on I can still feel the stare..

of the blank page and it’s villainous glare.

It’s a showdown as I look at it and looks back at me

Daring me to make my move or leave in defeat

I pick up pens and pencils, my weapons of choice

To silence the papers’ threatening voice

With these items I slay

cutting into memories the things that I want to convey

So I pull the trigger and gunshots rung out!

But these gunshots are really inkblots

Purposefully aiming stray bullets to your heart and brain

My words inject emotions into veins

To create aneurisms and hemorrhages

Broken and busted vessels of descriptive images

With my weapons I slash, dash, dot and sign death warrants

To every topic and anybody – Now who really wants it?!

I hear the cries of the people so I savagely attack

The great white abyss to bring life back

I pump sheets up full with lead

Shoot rounds of ideas straight from my head

I terrorize opposition with adjectives, nouns and verbs

I blow up hideaways with poems, novels and blurbs

I vandalize perfection on every blank space

And give creativity a new face

I slice oppression right up under its throat

Make my mark like Zorro then get ghost

I slit wrists and sees what bleeds out

Seeping onto pages my issues with anger, love, sex and self- doubt

I put unwanted thoughts into a chokehold

And watch what kinds of stories unfold

Reporting live! from my pen

The death of ignorant men

That caused Imagination

To consider asphyxiation

That tries to stifle and limit what I write

So I grab my swords and continue to fight

I continue to open worlds to once closed minds

I give citizens the options and the refuge they try to find

They hide in between the lines

that my vision provides

Others, I invoked glimmers of hope

and to some adversaries, I provoke

I either create temporary fantasies

Or I exemplify someone’s realities

It’s all enjoyment in a day’s battle

Enjoy watching scared bones rattle

As I dissect the issues that others are frightened to do

and speak for everyone that ever wanted to

So at the end of the day

when’s there’s nothing else left to say

and all the words are on the page

I drop my weapons; turn in my cape and think of all the lives I may have saved

(through my writing)



Original 5/16/11


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