I am Annalise


I am convinced that in another life I am Annalise  Keating or she is me, my untold story.

This my annalise look #Wiggy

Last night in class I was the lawyer Annalise, debating why it was ok to have a drink and drive and then this morning, I’m the Annalise in an AA meeting telling myself I don’t belong here and only doing this because it is mandated for a bigger goal.

While I’m appearing to be collected and in control of my life while putting off a hardcore demeanor trying to get everyone else in line I am really far more messed up than every one else around me. I even took a hammer to two of my old laptops that I wanted to get rid off. Which by the way was a lot harder than what Connor made it seem. Maybe I need a bigger hammer?

Not to mention needing to be with someone and wanting to be loved but used to being alone that I push and pull people away at my convenience.

and while I haven’t physically killed anyone either I can be just as manipulative in making people release information to me that I need without spilling too much of my own. My poker game is A1 and I can pull someone’s card with the quickness or wait until the time is right to do so. Maybe Golden brings out my inner Annalise hmmmm?

 Isn’t there a little Annalise Keating in us all?

Anyway, these are just a few random thoughts as the new season of How to get Away with Murder is about to start next week. Are you ready?! ( I mean WHO killed Wes?)   What are your theories?  Frank would make the most sense but I’m sticking with Meggy because why else would she still be around?




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