Thank GOD for the Black Women


Dope. Awesome. Powerful.

Beautiful. Unique. Creative.

Bold. Daring. Smart.

Unwavering, Captivating. Strong

Thank GOD for the black woman. She is probably the smartest person in the room.

Thank GOD I’m a black woman.

Im sitting here listening to a doctor tell the patient that a sprain is a torn tendon when a strain is tendon and sprain is ligament but oh Lawd Thank GOD the black woman isnt only smart she is wise and so I kept quiet and not fracture a man’s ego in public.

A few weeks ago in my program we were given a losing argument where we had to debate why having a drink and then driving is ok. As the only person of color in the class I was talked over, excluded from side conversations and then only when the moderator came in to check on us was my opinion asked for. I didn’t give them shit until the debate and every one on my team was twiddling their thumbs and getting shut the fuck down by the opposing team.  Even though I knew ultimately the exercise wasn’t in our favor the two points I gave made the other side pause for a moment. Yes it’s never ok to drink and drive but wouldn’t you rather have the person who had 1 drink drive you home if you and everyone else had 4 drinks and assed out in the backseat? They couldn’t deny the truth and even my creative answer that no one even thought about or mention cause a short silence. The black woman shocked even the team that ignored her and of course they were quick to jump on the small victory. (little known black history fact: I hate arguments and debates I get hot all over, my voice cracks and I’m on the verge of tears lol)

Black women, I swear we get it so hard from every single body. All we sayin is Don’t place your stereotypes on us. Don’t place your fears on us. We don’t give a fuck if black men are dating other races.We out here dating other races too. Don’t tell us what we are angry about. Don’t tell us what we’re passionate about, you can’t tell me my morals, beleifes and avalues. You don’t get to do that. You don’t validate shit over here playa. You don’t get to tell a black woman a damn thing about herself if you are NOT a black woman. How dare you get upset at us for wanting the same things out of life that you want except we’re actually having to jump hoops and fight for it. Look I don’t even want to begin to go hard and start hurting feelings in this one post. I’ma break down in later ones. The point is this:

I dont care if you’re half black, blue black, jet black, too black, pitch black, brown black, Wesley snipes black, straight coffee black or even light black- bitch! you black and I commend you. I applaud you.  I encourage you and I congratulate you. Dammit! Goldy loves you. Ain’t no side eyes or hating here (for the most part)  Thank GOD for the black woman.



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