Can I explore you?


May I hold your hand? And bring you into my world for a little bit?

Right now I am hurt, feeling broken. I want to release. I want to feel. I want to touch. YOU. I need to touch you now, in everyway. 

Come here. Turn around. Look me in the eyes. See me search your soul. Give me permission. Permission to enter your space. Permission to explore your canvas.

Don’t speak. Just breathe. Let me hear your breath. Let me hear the rain. Let me hear your heart beat. Don’t move. Let me embrace you, can you feel the chills you give me?  Just hold me here for a moment.May I undress you?

Lifting your shirt over you head tossing it to the side. I face your chest. Watch it rise and fall. Inhale. Exhale. My core breathes deeply for you. Slowly, my eyes learn your nipples, your collarbone, your shoulders, your neck, your chin. stops at your lips. Tempted to touch. My senses are arousing. Tempted to taste. I move upward to your nose then the bridge and then to your eyes. Breathtaking.

Not breaking my glaze, I reached for your pants. Alot of un’s take place.

Unfasten your belt. Undo your top button. Unzip your jeans. Unveil what’s under the wear. Unleash passions. Unaware of just how much desire you cause within me. My insides are unfolding. Seeing your body like this has me feeling uninhibited.

I am more than pleased. I circle around you like the lioness circles around her prey, like the rain dancing around outside. It begins to rain harder but not as hard as it is for me to keep my hands to myself. I lead you over to the bed and sit you on the edge. I stand before you and let the straps of my dress slip off my shoulders, the fabric falls from around my waist. I’m watching you watching me step out of my clothes. I exhale. I am still fragile but atleast I feel again.

I slide behind you on the bed, my breast to your back and wrap my legs around your waist. I lean in towards your neck and inhale. Your scent. Your god-given natural scent,  it sends electricity through me. Heat rises. I wrap my arms around and hold you for a few minutes. Lightly, I began to trace your shoulders, triceps, forearms, I take your hands into mine. I study them inside and out. I smile. I love the way you feel.

I bring my hand around your neck, grab your face to the side and begin to learn your chin,  your lips, nose then forehead. I begin to stroke your hair, tenderly then massaging. Your head drops back onto my shoulders and I look into your face. You smile at me and my heart beats faster.

I get up and urge you to get on bed requesting you to lay on your stomach. Kneeling by your side I begin to explore the surface and curves of your back. Intricately, going into every crevice, touching, memorizing with my hands, the mole there, scar here, heart shaped discoloration below the shoulder. It all intrigues me, this new discovery. You excite me. I reach  for your calves and hamstrings rubbing up and down your legs thoroughly enjoying the smoothness. Turn over.

I plank over you and lower into a push up right above your body. We are so close. I pause before resting on your chest. I  bring myself up to your lips. my top to your bottom, I graze them. I can no longer wait. I have to taste you now. I lean in. I kiss you sweetly. Kiss you passionately, a thousand stars burst all over my being. I touch your temples. I want to push my fingers deep into your mind. I want to imprint there.  I don’t want sex with you. I need intimacy. I needed this. I craved this closeness but it is still not close enough. See while I’m thankful for this moment in time my heart yearns to know yours. To be the one it beats for like mines does for you.Why can’t these moments last forever. I shed a tear and it escapes to your chest. Natural reaction is wipe but I lick. I carved beautiful masterpieces with my tongue right above you navel. Then stop. For tonight I don’t want sex with you. I just want you. 



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