Dear Husband


I want someone real . Something real. Tired of lying to myself. I don’t want to be single anymore. I am ready to date again. Date with purpose for a steady relationship. A relationship with a goal of marriage.I am worthy of that. I am deserving of it. Every fiber in my being is ready. So I’m doing all that I can on my end. Bettering myself and securing happiness so that when the time comes there will be no hesitation. No excuses and definitely no confusion. To the one who will matter most:

He who deserves the world, and everything else: 

The thought of you brings me to tears. At times I wonder if you’re real. But I believe with my whole heart you are. I don’t know what you look like. Your face is a blur but I FEEL you.  and you know that is enough for me. Show yourself. Do you how long I pained for you? How I ache for you? How many nights I cried for you until it no longer hurt? I rubbed my stomach thinking of the seed you’ll plant inside of me. The greatest gift you’ll ever give me besides your love. Please show yourself because I feel you so strongly and I cant wait to love you. You must be something truly special. You just have to be to make me wait so long. You have to be some kinda of man to pull me into your orbit, to captivate me and make me want to surrender to your every whim. What mighty Lion tamer are you? To soothe the wild lioness. What is your temperature to know exactly how to heat me up with hot passion yet keep me cool and calm my raging fire. You just have to be a beautiful work of art crafted to fit into all my broken pieces. How thankful I am of you and your presence. How brave you are to want me? For yourself and in ways no man has ever wanted. To see my heart and want to protect it. To see past my smiles and straight into my tears and say those: I want to stop those. I only want those tears to be for me, seen by only me. To read every blog post and not get scared but instead all the ways I’ve been hurt and took on the challenge of not doing the same thing. Music. You are music to my ears. You replace the songs I listen to more than I talk to people.  Oh to have you in my arms will be heaven opening up with bright skies and beautiful sunshine after years of rain.

Do you know what it like being in love with someone you have never seen or physically felt?  You dont even know a name you just have a pull. An energy that overpowers yours yet understands you. It doesn’t run from you, it doesnt lie to you, it loves you the way you need to be love and not necessarily how you want to be. I feel this way for you and I am so blessed. You are perfect. Perfect for me and what anyone else thinks doesnt matter. They dont need to know what I know or see what I see. But I will fight for you. Move mountains, jump hurdles because I know you are worth it. Because I know that you would do that for me and so much more. Thank you for accepting my love. For setting me  free and helping me to lose my mind. To let go of past mistakes. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU for being what I need. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for loving me at times when I doubted you even exist. Why are you so freaking powerful? Why is your mind so intriguing? How can I not shower you with praises and encouragement ? How can I not wanna to be by your side through it all? Come to me.  Come to ME. Let ME inside of every dark nook and joyful place in your mind and soul. Let me doused you in love and adoration. Come lets fight. I can’t wait for your nerdy smart ass to piss me off. I cant wait to get headaches over you because I have you and no longer because I dont have you. Lets talk and work things out. You will get your space and I will respect your boundaries. I can’t wait to serve you because I am sure your are leading with wisdom and sincerity. I love your confidence. You gotta have it to be with me. You have to be secure so I thank you for trusting and believing in me. Progression. Growth. Knowledge. Traveling together we will have it all. I am no stranger to low times as well as high times thank you for sticking them out with me. Come to me lets get to know one another. No secrets. Your dreams are my dreams and my goals are your goals. Let me imprint on you the way you’ve imprinted on me.

Come to me. My body is yours. Im working on it. But I can’t wait to get in shape and good health with you. I cant wait to seduce, caress, entice, love, and fuck you. No I really can’t wait. I dont think you know what kind of lover you have here in me from sensual to rough. I am open and free. Just no bitches tho. That’s where I draw the line. Im stingy, it’s my show and I can assure you that I am more than enough to please you in ways you’ve never thought of. Body worship at its finest and you fucking deserve it. 

To Him that deserves the world and so much more. I love you more than these words can even express. I thank you from the core of my being. Please show yourself. Come to me. Come be free.


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