Family is Everything: Feeling Nostalgic 


While going through my older posts, I’ve came across this picture and now I’m feeling nostalgic.

I’m missing my family and moments like this. The only thing I’m not missing is the rare sighting of me with longer hair.  Add my older sister (who was taking this picture at the time) and her loving cat Lily Sprinkles and I will have all the strength I need. oh wait, I know I’ve matured because my Aunt Joan and I use to bump heads all the time but I need her too,  she’s a strong Golden supporter.

Family time, trips and experiences are something that I am missing badly. Sunday mornings at church, Tim Horton runs with my dad, dancing with my mom and sisters, playing in the rain. I  need those moments. I’m craving them more than food. I remember so many things we did as a family when we were younger and how my granny as always there watching, cooking, cleaning. I was reminiscing with my roommate  about how my mom loved to go to open houses in cities far away even when we weren’t in the market for new homes. I remember being in Ferndale, Beverly Hills and even Grosse Pointe Woods walking through expensive house and intricate landscapes. Man I am a blessed woman. If I cant be with my family right now then Lord, please atleast help me to help myself to put myself in the position to be ready and create a family of my own.  A family of my own. Now that’s my goal, that’s my definition of success. Do you know what my greatest fear is? Not  snakes or death BUT NOT BEING ABLE TO HAVE CHILDREN and having proper love from a man and not being able to bless him with one. <— This is another post in itself. So I’ll digress. Family is a very important factor in my life and I find myself today wanting to feel the warmth I’m used to and the love I was birthed in again. Needing to feel it and letting it fuel me until I have one of my own.


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