BAM!! bw/am in your face

jackline and her bf


Happy Black History month. I decided to take you back into my history. Everyday I will be posting a bw/am classic until Valentines day when I will drop a completely new post on my current Black woman and Asian male affairs. Bring your tissues cause I’m shedding light on issues that I’ve been to ashamed to tell anyone as well have a little something special just for the fellas.

but let’s be honest here: Ladies have you been in a situation like this one below? How do you handle it or  try to avoid these types of conversations?  Guys, do you or did you have this kind of thinking before? What made it change or what do you need to see to believe that your asian brothers are indeed genuinely dating, loving and marrying black women?


I had a coworker like this too. His gf is white/Latina mixed and he thought he was Christopher Columbus when he discovered me liking Asian guys ha! Nope! Im nothing new and tbh he is interested well I’m gonna say I think h is interested in bw now lol but I’ll ask him for sure Thursday night. #thebunshop 


Shed some light

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