Me and “my fortune cookie love”

RELATIONSHIPS can be difficult. In fact I’m almost certain they are supposed to be. Soooo if relationships are hard then

Yea!  Duh!  Ofcourse! Interracial relationships are even harder.

Expect it. I do.

That’s why when dealing with other races I express very blatantly that I am not looking to be someone’s experiment, someone’s chocolate fantasy fulfillment. I have to make sure that they are not only aware of the issues that can and will arise but that they are sure they can handle it and wont be easily persuaded by outside factors.

fortune cookie love

I need to know that you are just as willing as I am to make a friendship first, then relationship work. Know that we will get side looks as well as cheers. During good times and bad experiences I need you to be present. Dedication and atleast loyalty is a must. Don’t be afraid to put in some effort and make time for private sessions and public outings. I need complete and open honesty. Ask me why black people don’t go camping. Ask me why Africans and African Americans distant themselves from each other because I’m going to ask you what’s the problem between Japanese, Chinese and Koreans. I’m going to ask you what is your previous experience with black women are and if the media have affected it. I need you to have an open mind. Don’t limit our possible love with stereotypes please.


Let’s Learn. Teach. Grow. Enjoy. That is what a relationship is about.

I watch people. I don’t see them. I don’t hear people. I listen and I FEEL. I cant help who I feel or what I am pulled too. Beauty is in everything and if I find Asian men beautiful and you don’t, that’s ok. You find thugs mesmerizing and I don’t. Geeks makes me swoon and you like assholes. All of these; thugs, geeks, assholes, they have no specific color. Love has no specific color and in a world that wants and needs love if I actually feel it I go for it, wherever it may be. You should too.

true relationships

This is not a black male bashing or an Asian male praising post it is simply my truth. I would love to have to have what my parents have. I have not given up on black men totally. I’m not even all the way an Asian male lover.  I’ve just been cursed with a rare heart that feels, warms and melts across lines most people don’t seem to understand. I have to feel something and feel it strongly in order for me to act on it and so I have with an Asian male and I don’t regret it at all. It is new and a little bit scary but I’m open and willing to learn. I’ve always been a little freer on some things and uptight on others and apparently I don’t attract black men or at least ones that make me feel anything for them.  Besides, I just feel an attraction to Asian men. All men are beautiful but man they are gorgeous! I admire their quiet confidence and straight forwardness. Swag be on point sometimes too. It is exciting to learn new things and about different cultures and it’s nice to enjoy new experiences.  I feel stimulated and challenged and personally I’m up for it. I feel comfortable with the unfamiliar and I don’t feel awkward whenever we’re together. I feel ALIVE. I feel like I’m living and no matter how hard I’ve tried I haven’t found it with anyone anywhere else. I don’t mind the stares or questions. It is clear that I’m not for everyone and that it will take a special kind of guy to accept and love me and it is ok. People don’t understand or truly care to and that’s ok too. What’s even more thrilling is when I actually sit and think about my future I can see myself being married to someone of a different race unless Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) has a twin who will accept my proposal?! In the meantime, I pray that people can learn to genuinely feel and love with their hearts as I do. The world will be so much cooler.  Until then I’ll just go to sleep every night thankful for the opportunity we have; hoping, praying, wishing his safety and loving him completely.


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