The honest to GOD truth part I

I said I could use a little honesty and I meant it.  Here it goes:

*People think celibacy is weird or not wanting to have sex is crazy. I think people are too sex dependent and they’re not only weird and crazy but they are weak with lack of self control and have emotional issues. (2/4/17* I’m going to come back to this ok because well I have a confession to make)

*I miss personal blogs, nowdays everyone blog has a purpose and its purpose is a get rich and/or famous for my opinion scheme. I rather read the sincerest most private thoughts of a complete stranger (like myself) than someone’s celebrity inspired OOTD

* I just my want my pussy ate. Really well.  I mean a nice deep plow in my cotton fields, thats it. Thats all I really want sexually, therefore I am willing to wait for the right one to do it.

*The biggest lesson I’ve learned about interracial dating is simple. Dont look at race look at gender. Its a male, it has a penis and a brain. The way you treat them solely depends on which part they show you first.

*lets be honest here Christians get the baddest rep, mostly from other Christians on top of non believers but I will say this, if people dont believe in Christianity then why try so hard to dispel the bible, the faith and beliefs. If you say it has no truth why put so much energy into a lie? (maybe because the truth hurts, how are you feeling are you ok?)

*When it comes to family I keep it really simple. My parents, my granny around the corner, my sisters and the handful of cousins on both sides of the family. If you have to start a sentence with do you remember or you know cousin so and so then them niggas aint my family, they yours so you can jump for joy because I’m sure as hell aint politing yes I said  politing for that stranger.

*Freedom of speech goes both ways just like you feel free to speak on homosexuality and abortion and the christian faith then I should be able to open my mouth and say I don’t agree with you and not feel bullied (that’s sarcasm, see below)

*People are wayyy to soft, sickly and sensitive nowadays. a campaign about bullying- seriously that’s what we put our efforts towards? All these people ain’t being bullied and half of ya’ll misconstrue the meaning of the word. Its called being a kid, its called being immature. Its call youre too damn sensitive and need thicker skin. And its because we pacify and baby and overprotect our children, we cripple them and dont teach them mental strength. Teach your children stability, confidence and above all them reality because reality is, they are too damn soft and need to toughen the fuck up.

*If not the only one im one of the few people in the world that if i say you can trust me, you CAN trust me. i mean it, history has shown me to be too damn loyal at the same time if you tell me i can trust you I wont, history has also proven to me that I cant trust anyone by myself.

*I have issues but I know what they are, I admit, I embrace and I work to improve them. and  yes I think that secretly makes me more powerful than most.

*Another thing I learned about interracial relationships is its only not cool 100% of the time when black women do it.

*Every breakup is a death. it needs a funeral, a proper burial and a beaverement period. not too long but not next day either because if you can move on that fast then it was not a real relationship.

*I want that GOD confidence, he made the world and said IT IS GOOD. He didn’t look to the left or right and ask anyone want they thought or took suggestions. He made it. Liked it then basked in its glory.

*My writing has taken a serious hit.  truthfully everyone’s has. i use to write excellent reports, articles stories and scripts now I’ve been reduced to tweets, blogs and fb statuses.

*My mama pisses me off with her asking questions for no reason ass sometimes. Today she asked what me and my Chinese friend do and talk about. She then asked what do we even have in common. The asshole in me wanted to say great sex but I couldn’t do that to her. ( It would start a whole new war just from a joke.)

*Lastly, of part 1 of many parts. I believe there are two kinds of relationships 1. birds of a feather flock together and 2. opposites attract.  I’ve always been the later, I like things that are different from me, its an opportunity to try and learn something new besides I believe everybody has something in common with everyone whether its one thing or ten so being opposite is fine with me as long as we have one thing to talk about.

ok enough honesty for one day maybe tomorrow I’ll be back with more.



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