Dear Mr. Asian Man

A part of me want to go on and on and in every little detail from the first time we met to our last time together. Every memory and impression you left. I don’t want this to be confused with anyone else but I will remain respectful to our privacy. This is for YOU and no other man.  Wô ài Nî.


Yes. I love you. I mean it. and Only you can change the way I feel. Normally, I’ll write my Chinese down in a letter for you but I wanted to whisper these words to you today not knowing you’d leave so soon. This is all so soon but I knew it from the first thump I got in my body. I knew it when watching Black Swan. I knew the day in the shower (it’s warm lol) that I belonged to you. You marked me as yours. I’m not going to say goodbye and even though you think I’m upset. I’m not. I’m happy you didn’t say those words either.  I don’t feel like it is goodbye. My body, my soul, everything just feels like it’s not over and that we will be reunited. So everything that I really want to put here; everything that I really wanted to say to you, I will save it and say it your face. I will be waiting here until you no longer want me to. Just know that I love you and no one and no place can change that but you.  Happy Birthday.


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