Can I get on T.O.P?

First of all I want to blame my friend Tam for creating this monster. I was just an innocent Jay Park loving girl until she introduced me to this music video and my admiration (obsession) took off from there. There is just so much manliness, confidence and sexual thrillance (yes thrillance) about T.O.P that it is no wonder that Fuse named him as the TOP (he he get it?) sexiest (male) musician of 2013. Congrats you handsome devil you, you deserve it.

 top    sexymftop   topblue

This is why TOP is a beautiful man to me. The eyebrows, his voice, his HAIR!!!! the fact he can have blue, silver, black, brown hair and still look good, the fact he can put on absolutely anything and make it look regally masculine, his cheekbones, his height, his frame, his stunningly paralyzing looks (Oh the eye contact he gives is just amazing)  His creativity and did I say his confidence in whatever he does? I love his boldness and freedom to express himself, there are very few men who can do what TOP does and get away with it with his “manhood” still 100% intact. Look,  I just really want to make love to his eyebrows. I’m strangely fond of anyone with more eyebrows than me (which is everyone I guess :/) but there is something about his that just makes me want to hump his face fur. LMAO I guess that’s a little TMI but whatever,  I cant keep a straight face thinking about his man. And when he opens his mouth and words come out?! OH Yea! he’s a better rapper than your favorite rappers. He is just soooo… what’s the word? BEAUTIFUL






big bang top high cut 2011-01-2


Damn is he smizing me? He makes smoking look so good

Oh and to further prove my case here is T.O.P’s latest video Doom Dada (listen to this man’s flow) Please enjoy:

just when you thought it was over let’s take a look at bae’s recent video


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