Top Reasons why Black Women and Asian Males should be together



If you really need a reason to date a black women or an Asian man, here’s a list of common excuses for you to choose from. I’ve dug really deep (aka social media)  for these because honestly, you thought you or your love ones and friends needed a reason for YOUR attraction and love.  Enjoy and feel free to add your own


5. To piss off racists and parents – YOU MAD BRO? Good! That’s why I did it… If you don’t do it for love, do it for the (negative) attention, tension and drama.

4. For the love of chicken and rice – we should totally date because cooking each others’ favorite food is super easy. From chicken stir-fry to smothered chicken and rice.

3. Because Asian men own all the places that black women love to spend money at (spas, hair/beauty supply stores and nails salons). – Can we say discounts and hook ups?!  We have reached a mutual agreement. We keep them paid and they keep us fly. Sounds like a relationship to me right?


a personal experience – I’ve had a massage client try to hook me up with his grandson and when I told him I date Asian men he says, “hmmm makes sense seeing as how they own all the massage parlors.” so I guess that means we’d be perfect together  -__-

2. To have beautiful blasian kids – because having pretty mixed kids is the ultimate status and come up. (complete 360 degree eye roll goes here)

1. Statistics says… You’ve seen those articles (here’s one  even I responded too) & videos; Okcupid, and even this week, Buzzfeed that Black women and Asian men are least desirable, undateable and unmarriageable so it is only right they start to date each  other. – Complete bullshit! If you open up your mouth and dare say, “I’ve heard, I’ve read, according to… or statistic says that Black women and Asian men are perfect for one another because no one else wants them please hold your head up high and allow me to double flying side kick you in the head. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure to kick with intent so to knock some sense in you.

tall enough

Yes my friends, if you fail to think for yourself as to why Asian men and Black women date each other then I’m sure one of these will be the perfect reason to tell friends and family when they ask why.  But for future reference you DON’T need permission or a reason to date ANY particular race. You DON’T need to make comfort jokes to defend your preference for fear of offending anyone. And you DON’T need social media, science or statistics to tell you why to like someone. You just need to let love do it’s thing naturally and focus on the things that genuinely attracts you to people.

With much Love as always,