BWAM: Things Black women who date Asian men are tired of hearing

20161008_112243_50.jpgDoes this really need an introductory paragraph? I think it is pretty much well titled so I’m going to jump right into it. If you’re an interracial dater or anything like me you probably rolled your eyes, let out an exasperated sigh and cringed deep inside when you heard things and had conversations like:

You know they usually stay with and marry their own kind right?….Or if anything with white women. 

  • This is usually said by momma, aunty and pretty much anybody with a PhD in Asian generalizations.

    DId you really just say that to me?

Oh so you got yellow fever? 

  • Well, I really wanted polio but they cured that already. Besides, it is totally ok  to turn a persons genuine interest into a sickness or to treat it as it a temporary discomfort.

Don’t they eat cats? 

  • Joking or not *Looks down*  YES. THEY. DO. The pussy agrees.

I heard they have little dicks. 

  • My response:  I’ve felt otherwise

What do you even talk about, How do you communicate?

  • We use picture books, movies with subtitles and lots and lots of google translator.. Oh! and sometimes we even use words and talk about…. wait for it… Life. Gasp!


This conversation here:

REALLYYY…,Why Asian? 

Why not?….. wait a minute don’t answer.

So you date white guys too?

  • Nah ya’ll can keep that one.

Wait so you won’t date white guys but you’d date an Asian?

  • Yupppp, Pretty much.

This is usually followed by this whammy….

1.You must have had something happen to you, what did black men do to you?

and you might even get the all assuming ass questions
2. “What’s wrong with black men?  or  Can’t handle a brother?

 1. Because imagefor some strange reason there has to be some fucked up back story and habitual black male bashing in order for me to date whoever the fuck I want. but if I must blame the black man, I am blaming him for giving me his DNA, this glorious life and the gift of blackness.

2. Stick to the topic wit yo’ assuming ass and that topic is Asian men.

oh and this conversation too:

“EWW! I couldn’t do it.

  • Don’t be too sure about that.  

What is it like?

  • Magic! 

How can/do you do it? 

  • More magic motherfucker (throws fairy dust in the air)

Why? Because

And the fuckery doesn’t stop there you will also here things like….

Atleast your kids will be pretty.
(This may also come in the form of, “You just want pretty kids”)

  • I mean…. yea, because a black couple can’t produce pretty kids and pretty mixed kids = #Lifegoals  #socialstatusupgrade #winning in other words:



the face I make at ignorance, assumption and down right stupid comments/questions


Oohhh you know they got money, and they super smart. What does he do? He’s either a doctor, lawyer or engineer or does he own a business?

Again I say:

#Lifegoals #socialstatusupgrade #winning #BITCHGTFOH

oh and by the way congrats on your Masters in Stereotypes!


You think you’re Asian (or trying to be Asian)?image

No, I’m 100% black and I’m pretty damn sure that will never change. Unless I’m Michael Jackson….kinda (jumps on toes, grabs crouch and moonwalks away)


What did his parents say? How does your parents feel?


Honestly, they say the same thing and feel the same way which means Asians and Blacks arent as different as you are trying to make them by asking me these dumb ass questions.

I’m sure there’s more things to list, and maybe I should’ve even titled this “Things Golden is tired of hearing” but hey feel free to write your own post. And if you’re the type of person to say things like this and can’t wrap your brain around the bw/am connection just know I’m judging you. Harshly. Very harshly with lots and lots of love but to show you that there’s no real hard feelings here’s a gift. An oldie but goldie, enjoy!



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