There is more to life than (Asian) dick


Ugh to all these demented, overreaching, Asian peen desiring, cum guzzling, freewalling, black women hating, low self esteem having, attention needing, thirsty, desperate scootchie rats. Ugh just ugh! Fuck a nap Old Mama G is going to take out her gloves and pull all the punches you hoes need to wake the fuck up.

^^Did this get your attention?^^

GOOD! Now lets have a heart to heart (tee hee hee) ….


In the most Golden way possible allow me to say that,  no matter how you choose to hear it in your head,  I say all of the following with love and with the deepest concern for you hearts, minds and bodies as you makes your adventures through life.

Since 2008 I’ve been apart of the Black Women Asian Male community (bwam to some, ambw to others) while some of you are new to the GROUPS let me offer some assistance into making the transition into the COMMUNITY, if that is what you want. But first, let’s openly address the multitude of poppycock,  bullshit, tom foolery and plain ol fuckery I’ve been seeing repeat itself.


The introduction – Yay!!! Congratulations you’ve found us! Now we can be besties for the rest of life.  You’re the shiny new toy or the new girl in school. YOU GON LEARN TODAY!   We don’t need your life story and a photo shoot. selfies are ok but no duck faces or tit shows either please.. A name, age, location,  pictures of varying looks ( I mean all your photos cant be slutty right?) and maybe a few interests at most. Besides being super fucking annoying, who really cares? The predators who feed off the thirst in which the initial post implies, the trolls who need new victims or the other noobs who are trying to “befriend”  other new girls so they can link up and support one another against the other groups of linked up girls in the group you don’t like?  We don’t need OOTD or makeup looks everyday. We don’t need pictures of you or your boyfriend of the month everyday PERIOD. Save something for (the other ridiculously stupid self esteem boosting photo op that is called) Thirsty Thursday. And I know you may be happy and anxious to feel apart of things but please scroll down and read before you post. It is nothing more annoying then 5 people posting the same things in one day!  My suggestion for being a new person  in BWAM groups is…

nah you really don’t want it. 

NAH you really don’t because let’s face it, you don’t give a damn you just want the approval from everyone; men and women alike that you are Asian male fuckable/dateable/marriageable by any means you deem necessary but what ever you do starting off with “Where the Asian men at? or “I noticed there’s more women in these groups” are automatic eye rollers.


I mean you think? Really now, where are they at? and do you ever ask why the men are turning to AMXF groups or not present? Yea well we’re going to get into that as well. We are not your Asian male hookup. And even though a few people has made LASTING connections from the groups/sites/meetups just know it was NOT from what you are doing now!

TMI –  Again a life story is NOT needed. There is no way in hell we should know that you and your husband or boyfriend are getting divorce or you think you may be pregnant or you found out that the guy you thought you were in love with was dating your friend and talking to everyone else in America. We don’t need to know that and please don’t feign innocence or act a like a victim and please don’t get butt hurt and mad when you’re posting your personal life on public forums with people who genuinely don’t care and are grabbing drinks *sips water* for the free entertainment you are providing. Don’t get upset when you post something and you don’t get any likes, or get the reaction you wanted. WHAT ARE YOU INTENTIONS FOR WHAT YOU POST? Don’t ask questions you really don’t want an answer to or even really need. Who are we to tell you to date someone Asian or Italian, etc when we don’t know you or him? Well, that post was freaking stupid and pointless. You’re only coming off as two ways; bragging, “Oh look me at me I snagged some time/ attention from an Asian guy hee hee” or looking for approval and attention that you don’t need, “What should I do? IS this ok? Should I do this? BLAH! DO YOU SWEETY again you don’t really care you’re just going to do what you want anyway. All the info you post is just going to be used  against you later on another post so why put yourself in a position to get shitfaced and angry at all? Save your personal endeavors for yourself. No one is requesting nudes or cosplay pictures and if they are again ask yourself WHAT ARE THEIR INTENTIONS AND WHAT IS IT THAT YOU ARE DOING THAT GIVES THE IMPRESSION THAT YOU WOULD EVEN GO ALONG WITH SOMETHING LIKE THAT? hmmmmm


Ladies your perception of yourself is everything. EVERYTHING! You make yourself look desperate, insecure and ugly when you’re always complimenting someone else beauty but not your own. OR when all you ever do is talk about your best features or trying to change your looks with colored contacts or excessive amounts of hair/ makeup and clothes (lack thereof) to appear one more way versus another. When you ask the same silly stupid ass questions, “Do guys like short hair, long hair, dark skin, light skin, thick or thin ugh?!” Does it even freaking matter? The answers will always be the same: YES, NO MAYBE, DEPENDS. Again I ask why does it matter to you? There will always be guys who like you the way you are and the ones who don’t; based on superficial things like weight but do you even want those types of guys?   YOU DON’T NEED ANYONE TO TELL YOU HOW PRETTY, SMART OR FUN YOU ARE. YOU JUST DON’T NEED IT LADIES!  –


You make yourself look insecure and petty when you are so eager to dick swing and prove your “Intelligence or beauty” against another woman in the group. Yo, I really hate catty argumentative bitches. I mean REALLY HATE THAT SHIT; like be cool, for real, everyone is NOT going to agree with you and everyone does not need your opinion about everything on everything. Its ok not to respond or to just say your piece and leave it at that. It is ok to walk away. Belittling people due to looks, finances, work, education, family upbringing and personal experience is so juvenile and it is funny because it seems to always be the ones whom have done these things, or been to this country or that place, feels they are the most cultured and educated that wants to argue and dick swing. You ain’t a peacock, boo boo! You ain’t got to show out to stand out . It’s unnecessary and what REAL (Asian) MAN wants that type of female? Yet, we wonder why there are no men around?  And NEVER in your life bash black men so openly in a forum where a black man is the sperm donor to so much life. It is very disgusting to hear black women try to make themselves look appealing to the self esteem of a Asian guy but degrading black men. If you like Asian guys and prefer them that is absolutely fine but to be rude and disrespectful to black men to make another race feel good about themselves is not cool. It is not cool to belittle black men just because he ISN’T Asian and lets’ be honest them Asian niggas you trying to toot it for are “blacker” and more “hood” than your own brother.

Even more honesty, how many Asian men do you see besides saying I’ve never been attracted to Asian women say, “Asian women aint shit etc, etc?  hmmmmm   I’ll wait.

SIDE NOTE: Don’t get discouraged, get wise, there are plenty of Asian men around that are open to date black women trust me buttttttttttttttttt that’s not this post 🙂


And OMG let’s be 3 kinds of real about this right here though. Look at the guys you’re making yourselves look like assholes over.  The men who are present and most vocal ARE NOT the men you should be fighting over lmao. There I said it! I don’t know how many years and posts I gotta read about certain guys that has done you and 25 million others girls the exact same way. Like Hello? I can look at the pictures and tell they aint shit. I can read statuses, comments and posts and can tell that they are not going to work. 

How about this: instead of looking, “Ohhhh he’s an asian guy, he liked my picture maybe he wants to date me and then 2 days later you guys are a couple;  how about you ask some real motherfuckin’ questions besides what kind of Asian are you and what’s your favorite position?”  And please as I stated early just scroll down you will see how quickly certain guys get into great deep relationship (* cough – Elliot, cough -Kevin) Like how many Wade warnings do we need? There are even full (TMI really) novels (warnings) posted and yet still this week I’ve seen one of those same guys “boo’d” up lol. It’s just  matter of time but again who I am to jump into someone else relationship (ok I seriously just laughed at calling it a relationship) and LADIES you got to quit thinking you’re being slick, I mean if you really like every one of a guys comments just go ahead and inbox him already.  And you also don’t have to post pictures of you and your guy everyday, you ain’t hardly that in love you just trying to mark territory that always ended up being another TMI post when you find out the truth and break up!  I need you to shut the fuck up sometimes, sit back and observe. Observe what kind of attention is being given by which guys and try to ascertain why and if that is what you really want. Please shut the fuck up sometimes and observe the mentality (or lack thereof ) of the guys and of the females. Look, watch and then proceed with caution because I hate for you to be the next “Woe is me” Post. OK I don’t like long post, and this is getting there. Let me get passionate again about your guys welfare soon and I’ll continue this later.  So let me wrap this up with a summary.


Dear Black women if you are going to be in these BWAMU groups and genuinely seeks the affections of an Asian man just know that YOU are YOUR OWN brand of beauty and you don’t need anyone’s validation, just feel comfortable in your skin.  Obsessive pictures (a photo everyday or more than 2 pics at a time) of yourself trying to prove your beauty or Asian likeness is pathetic and no matter how you try to spin it. It is a direct reflection of your need for a self esteem boost.

It is not a popularity contest. This gets its own line!

There is more to life than Asian dick. Asian men are MEN they have dicks and they have a brain whichever one they show you first is the way you should treat them. They will cheat, lie, impregnate you, leave and all those other mean things you say and use as an excuse as to not date your own or other races (cough cough Tara)

Your ignorance to each others life experiences does NOT becomes you especially when you demand respect for your own views and can’t extend the same courtesy to someone else.

Please post wisely and with the best intentions. How about with the intention of making genuine connections that will help aid the goal of fostering strong positive relationships between black women and Asian males? We don’t need to know that you was sucking Jin’s dick the day after he fucked Ashley and now you want to know what to do next. I’m just saying. You don’t really need our opinion on Beyoncé beauty or what does Asian men think of the latest twerk video.

If these people really care and wants to be friends with you then they will friend request you. They will follow your tumblr, facebook, twitter, instagram and all other social media outlets so you don’t need to put all of it up in the open.

Oh and you can go through the pictures on this post and pick your best “sideeye” because I know you just gave me a few with this post but don’t worry here’s mine



with the most love and respect as always,

Mama G