You sir are an imposter!!!

don’t ask, I just think Peter Park picture is perfect here for no reason as all

Dear Sir in the bwamu group who should not be there but because I love my friend I won’t say your name but I will say this:



And this is the face I make every time you post and it is what I want to say everytime you post and everytime you post I have no choice but to thank GOD I ain’t a hoe cuz I’m too loyal to my friend. If she read this she’ll probably call and text me and tell me I have no chill lol but I am angry. Angry because YOU SIR ARE AN IMPOSTER!!!!

I see you thirsting over a female that you will NEVER have let’s be clear about that. NEVER. And even if you did ( WHICH LET ME STATE AGAIN, YOU WON’T) you will be again the most bullshittingest ( <—- new word alert) piece of shit ever. Wasting the time of a female you know you will never bring home to your parents, never fight for and will never truly appreciate.

The woman you had deserved a lot more respect from you, just common decency period. You don’t waste a person time for years and for months. You are too damn grown for that. I don’t know the full story and I don’t want to know the full story because it will probably make me troll you to shame but I see you in a group, as a fuckin admin of a group for black woman and Asian men and you know good and damn well you ain’t bout that life. You may like black women but know good and damn well Mama and Daddy ain’t having it. You 1/2 ass tried and failed, failed miserably, horribly and IT’S ALL YOUR NO SPINE HAVING ASS FAULT. What advice could you possibly give to a group when you aren’t even living the life? How can you expect people to want to listen to you and you cant even bring a half black woman home ya damn self? One that you claimed you loved? you didn’t even fight or try to fight and were absolutely selfish with your defense but I digress. the fact of the matter is when it comes to a BlackWoman AsianMale group where the men are defying the odds and going after who they want YOU SIR ARE AN IMPOSTER and I pray one day you will change that.

Dear friend who guy I just talked about. I am sorry if you feel some type of way but I need you to know you deserve so much better. If you still have feelings I apologize and know love is a very strong emotion but I had to say my piece and dead an ill will in my heart.


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  1. It took me a while to find the words to say to this…but thank you, from the bottom of my heart. While, yes, no chill whatsoever, you expressed everything in that I felt that (knowing my personality) you know I will never say. And the evening that I saw this all I could do was hug you because while he may have failed me…never stood with me with his parents, our baby, my health, our relationship…you were a physical reminder that other people that cared about me were still there and didn’t fail me. Those are the people that love me and that matter, and I no my laughter was out of place but it was because I was trying not to cry. Thank you for being one of those people, and although I do not exactly approve of this entry, thank you so much for being someone willing to stand up and fight for me, and reminding me that I am worth it! ♡

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