NO. You dont lose your blackness when interracially dating

Oh, how I love the LLAG! (Please like, follow, support and share) Ranier does IR relationships and POC issues right.

I saw this on my timeline from the past year and I had a good ass laugh. It also reminded me of this post because however true “Dating/fucking a POC does NOT give you STP (sexually transmitted POC-ness.)” neither does it give a POC a color pass. – Golden 2/12/17

Yes. I like Asian men. Does that make me a negro bed wrench too or does that term only apply to black women dating white men? hmmm?  I’ll leave that debate to people who actually gives a shit.


 I am writing this because I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve been told my opinions on black topics doesn’t matter because I like Asian men. Or it was assumed that I don’t even like black men; as if one’s past relationships negates their whole existence of being colored.

 Welll, where is Maury at, so the lie detector test can determine all of that to be a lie?  I won’t speak for other black women who dates outside their race I will only speak for me. Let me be very clear here when I say because I interracially date does not mean I lose my blackness. It does not mean I desire to be another race or that I’ve given up my black card along with my experiences and thoughts on black life, culture and MEN yes BLACK MEN. While there are people who want to forget they are black I am not one of them. I am proud to be African American and a woman and let’s face it when it comes down to it I will always be a black woman and nothing can change that especially not who I decide to love. Just because I’m holding hands with Andrew Lin doesn’t mean I’ll be treated the same way he’ll be treated. In fact do you know how many times people assumed I was an escort or of no serious relation to the guys I’ve dated? I get talked  down to as if “Boonquisha” is here because she needs to get her rent paid or as if I’m not even there at all and do you know why?

Because you do NOT lose your blackness when you interracially date.

So even when I’m with Han  I am NOT delusional or oblivious to black peoples  realities.  I will still post pictures of beautiful black men and women. I will still speak on racial injustice in my community. I will still discuss black culture and support my brothers and sisters. I will still tell you my point of view on black issues because I love my color,  I am my color and whether there’s  an Asian, Muslim or Latino man by my side or not the world still sees me as a black woman and will treat me accordingly. So spare me the, “you don’t even like black people”  or the, “you do know your daddy is black” tirade because I am fully aware if we both were to enter a store we’d both be the first suspects and I don’t try to ignore that fact either. Save that for the ones who think the race of their partner magically pardon their color too.




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