Where are the voices of the Interracial Lovers?


                  Interracial couples and bloggers we need you now more than ever. Everyone is coming down from their Loving Day highs but we are still being hit with even higher rates of racial injustice lows. Let’s face it, there is alot of work that needs to be done about racial acceptance and equality. What can we do to help change that? How can we truly celebrate the landmark case that legalize interracial relationships when everyday we blatantly see what was fought for still being attacked and doing nothing about it What are we doing to keep the love going or are we just living in our own interracial love worlds oblivious to what’s going on in the world around us.  While most people in interracial relationships would like to say that they do not see race which is why they are with who they are with, this thinking is damaging because RACE DOES MATTER.  So I am challenging you and asking all those in interracial relationships (not just in relationships with African Americans),  those who have interracial blogs and youtube channels  to do away with that thinking (if you haven’t already) and actually engage in racial debates and thought provoking discussions. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty on topics no one wants to be honest about!  With all these things going on it is hard to think of them as isolated incidents. So I am curious and what to know, how are you feeling? What are your feelings and your opinions about everything? Pick any recent racial incident (there’s so many to choose from ) and blog about how you partner truly feels about what is going on in the America right now. Are they bothered, even slightly? Are you bothered, upset or on edge? Is it a problem if they are not concerned or show a lack of interest? Are you finding it hard to be positive lately? Maybe you even questioned your interracial relationship lately. Can we take a moment from our makeup and boyfriend tags to openly address this? Can we blog and post about the how the current racial tensions effects one another? Have you asked your partner how they feel about the recent racially charged events? Have you observe their behavior whenever these subjects are brought up? How about the reactions of friends and family when your partner is and isn’t around? Does your significant other have their own opinions or are they just, “As long as my partner doesn’t have issues with it then I don’t either.”  Does your partner truly understand or try to empathize with the issues your race face or do they consider you to be the exception and more importantly are you happy to be considered the exception?

As IR couples your thoughts and feeling are very important right now. Speak up. Show everyone why you are with who you are with!  Even though I’m single, I’m still going to say we because I am an interracial dater/blogger. We can be the example to others. We can give our experiences, tear down stereotypes, speak out against the fear being put into society about one another. Sharing our lives and prespectives can help make a difference and gives fresh insight to people on the outside who has no clue but only what the media shows. Your partner may be angered by the police brutalites and church killing, and have thoughts and even fears they want to share. Are you open to listen? Or are you scared what they may say? Do you have questions and frustrations yourself? Have you thought about the future of your children? What you do today will make it better or worse for them in the future.  Are we all Kim K’s and Kanye’s until we have a daughter of our own?  We can not let racial issues be swept under the rug until the we are forced to deal with or because we don’t want to offend someone . Silence does far more damage.

Your silence hurts. Your silence hurts America by continuing to allow ignorance to run rampant unchecked. Ieycontact2t hurts your partner when you don’t stand up for them. I am talking to myself as well because I wrote this piece and failed to do my part but there is no other perfect time than now and I am encouraging all my IR daters and bloggers to use your unique platform to help foster call to actions and positive discussions. Embrace one another even more. Support each other even more. Let’s be understanding of each other and show others there is nothing to fear.  We cannot let the media continue to put a negative depiction into people minds about the ones we love. We have firsthand knowledge that they do not have. Your interracial  relationship is powerful. It is a truth no one wants to admit. There can be harmony and unity across cultures.  it is evidence that we are all equal. It is progress.  America needs to hear your voice. Scream. Shout. Share. Blog, Post. Fight. Live. Love and above all Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Blessed!



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