The Stand up Stand Off Part 1

1. Girl been crushing on and flirting with guy for a few weeks.

Guys flirts back, shows interests calls her bae and ask her coworker to find out if she would date hispanics guys.

Girl says yes and gives guy her number

Guy never call or text but continues to flirt with girl

2months later….

Guys ask girl to hang out.

Suprised he asked but she says no because she has to work.

Excited to finally see him outside of work she switches her schedule and same day excitedly tells him yes she can go.

He says ok and that he will text the details but pretty sure it will be on a certain day around a certain time.

2 days pass and the day and time around. Girl gets no call or text nor does she have his number.

Girl goes to sleep confused, hurt and overthinking about what could and has happen

She sees guys at work and for the next two days he says absolutely nothing.l[o  Doesnt try to get her attention or call or text either.

What should she do?  What would you do?



Shed some light

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