About Me

Golden is more than my name. Golden is my adjective.

Hey there!   Welcome


I’m Golden, a Detroit raised, Cali living liscensed Massage Therapist  and owner of Beats + Balance Massage studio for dancers. Im a writer, healer and lover with interests that includes aromatherapy,  travel + spa life and learning different cultures while building up my own. I live by my own rules and honesty is everything.

Goldensunrays is a personal blog, online journal and diary. I geek out about  all things that I love and open about things most people aren’t. I’m all about honest emotions, interracial relationships, personal development and faith.

 GoldenSunrays was started to simply express and explore myself freely and openly. To share my story and life experiences; the good, bad and the honest with the hopes of encouraging others to share theirs and free themselves from holding things in.

It’s imperative that I must warn you. Before reading, liking, commenting, linking, tagging,  any post read the disclaimer below and sign with a blood oath if you accept the terms (totally kidding)


I’m not much of a talker but I like to write and am an even better listener so if you ever want to connect or work with me please feel free to do so below.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Blessed~ Golden✌


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