Golden Sunrays

Lauren is my name.

Golden is my adjective.

CHRISTIAN is who I am!

I am me. 

I can only be me. 

I WILL only be me.

Massage Therapist. Excessive Blogger. Creative Arts Entrepreneur. Unofficial Nerd. Wild Spirit. Free Bird and so much more.


golden grey hat pink lips

I am Golden. The one and only Lauren Jan Roland.

I am a fierce, fun-loving gal!

I am wise, helpful and comforting.

I am beautiful, intelligent and loved.


I have no fear. I am GOD”s Child.

Jesus loves me more than I will ever know.

Love not as much as I love myself but more than I love myself.

I have a family that loves, encourages, strengthens, accepts and supports me through and through.

I am confident, creative and convinced.

No one is above me yet no one is beneath me.

I am humble.

I am brilliantly and wonderfully made. I am bright, imaginative and innovative.

I am different. free-spirited and random.

I love being random!

I am kindhearted, thoughtful, open-minded and funny.

I am honest, trustworthy and dependable.

I value my faith, family and friends.

Honesty and Christianity means the most to me.

I am determined, driven and committed.

I am mildly wild, ecleptic and fun.

I am a writer, artist, designer, entrepreneur, lover, fighter, winner, motivator, game changer, originator and an ICON.

I am me. I am ready and willing.

Ready for what’s in store for me.

Ready for GOD’s plan in my life.

I am ready and willling to be used by HIM.

I am who I am.

So  loudly I say:I am a beautiful disaster.

A product of peaceful devastation.

The complex simplicity of an undetermined compilation.

I am Lauren Jan Roland.

I am Golden.

and I’ve decided to finally be free ♥



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