Golden Sunrays

Lauren is my name.

Golden is my adjective.

CHRISTIAN is who I am!

I am me. I can only be me. I WILL only be me.

Massage Therapist. Christian. Excessive Blogger. Creative Arts Entrepreneur. Unofficial Nerd. Wild Spirit. Free Bird.  AND SO MUCH MORE. ki deal with faith

golden grey hat pink lips

I am Golden. The one and only Lauren Jan Roland.

I am a fierce, fun-loving gal!

I am wise, helpful and comforting.

I am beautiful, intelligent and loved.


I have no fear. I am GOD”s Child.

Jesus loves me more than I will ever know.

Love not as much as I love myself but more than I love myself.

I have a family that loves, encourages, strengthens, accepts and supports me through and through.

I am confident, creative and convinced.

No one is above me yet no one is beneath me.

I am humble.

I am brilliantly and wonderfully made. I am bright, imaginative and innovative.

I am different. free-spirited and random.

I love being random!

I am kindhearted, thoughtful, open-minded and funny.

I am honest, trustworthy and dependable.

I value my faith, family and friends.

Honesty and Christianity means the most to me.

I am determined, driven and committed.

I am mildly wild, ecleptic and fun.

I am a writer, artist, designer, entrepreneur, lover, fighter, winner, motivator, game changer, originator and an ICON.

I am me. I am ready and willing.

Ready for what’s in store for me.

Ready for GOD’s plan in my life.

I am ready and willling to be used by HIM.

I am who I am.

So  loudly I say:I am a beautiful disaster.

A product of peaceful devastation.

The complex simplicity of an undetermined compilation.

I am Lauren Jan Roland.

I am Golden.

and I’ve decided to finally be free ♥


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