Honey Love (BW/AM)

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This section is dedicated to the support and interest of Black women & Asian men (BWAM or AM/BW) interracial relationships, friendships and connections in media, online and everyday life.






Here are a few of my suggestions to you started:

The hub! The site that started it all for me: www.bwamu2.ning.com

My Southern Cali family: http://www.meetup.com/SoCalBwam/

and some of my favorite blogs The Love Life of an Asian Guy

And chocolate covered chopstixs

Read my BW/AM posts here

This is what I want, deserve and will have!
So cute, I stand it!

bwam love

jackline and her bf
How freakin’ hot is this?!
This is what I want
This is could’ve been us. This was us…..











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