Poem: Because I

Because I love blindly.


Because I love silently, pledging devotion and passion I run to his arms.
Because Im wishing; wanting them to be yours. My mom thinks Im with you when I am with him and so do I.
Because I felt for him the way I feel for you.

Love never dies, like energy its transferrable.

Bouncing from him to you back to him yet for you.
Because you won’t let me touch your soul.


Stand still. Dont move. Soon you’ll rise.

Ill pull you out. Grab my hand. Hold on for dear life.

Listen and have faith. Give me trust. You will survive.

Thirst and hunger. Feed off my energy. Let our love thrive.

Or move around. Sink fast. Creating early demise.

I cant help. Cant save. Can only watch die.

Hurt. Anger. I’ll surely cry.

Are you ready? Make a decision now. Time flies

Open your heart. Hear it beat with mine. I cant handle it if its just you and NOT you and I.

Where do I belong?

As we lay here in your bed
to your chest I rest my head
while telling you about all those,
that I suppose
are trying to take your place.
You give a laugh before you gently kiss my face.
Not knowing that every little thing that you do
makes me fall deeper in love with you.
And just as feelings are becoming strong
I find myself asking, where do I belong?

You say what ya’ll had is done
but how can that be when she has your son?
All I see is how bad she wants to be with you
and because of him she’ll always have a way through
You say to me that of all the ladies in your life i’m second to none.
You say I number one.
SO my heart skips a beat and goes straight into a song
but then I find myself asking where do I belong?

Being here feels so right and at the same time feels so wrong
and I find myself asking where do I belong?

How do you feel about me?

Does my face make you smile and my smile make your day?


Am I the moon that illuminates your night?
Let Love, love me when I wrong not just when I’m right
I start to think that I’m going crazy
you encourage me saying I should. Maybe.


Does my touch create caterpillars that becomes butterflies in your tummy?
Does thoughts of me stick to your brain like succulent honey?
My secretly visible tears bring you near me, to a path less traveled.
A past needing desperately to be unravelled.

Can I make you laugh? Let me try.

Ahem…(Austin Power voice) ” Do I make you horny baby?” with each kiss?
Can just my words bring you internal bliss?
Does my presence excite you? Do prove.
Is my soul the one that makes yours move?
Disguised in seduction, covered in heat
with a love like mines can yours even compete?
I’m a rider, be my Ducati,
grippin on your frame, hugging your hard body.
However, your actions hardly disclose your true intentions,
Got me wondering how much am I really paying for your attention.
So again I ask,

Does my face make you smile and my smile make your day?


Well does it? – Golden