Thee High Life



THEE HIGH LIFE Personal Development Plan is my practice of Discipline ,Exercise and Nourishment to create the life I want to live and I want to invite others to do the same as well.

THEE HIGH LIFE is all about intentions.

The goal is to think seriously and positively about what and how I want to live my life, then apply it literally!

It is great to know what I want for myself, but how do others know?  Does my mom, dad, friends, coworkers and family know the life I want to have? Do they know what I want and how they can assist me to reach my goals? When they pray and encourage me do they know what to pray and encourage me for?

It is very scary for me to share my dreams aloud and with others but I AM a child of the most high GOD. I serve Jesus and he teaches that there is POWER when I put it out in the atmosphere. I am speaking life into my body just as HE did with Adam.  I am on my astronautical journey of becoming a whole woman and taking my life higher – beyond the limits of man.  Here I am being BOLD, being BRAVE and becoming BLESSED!  Soon, the shift I want in my life will occur and I’ll be living my personal HIGH LIFE.

We can do it together or you can witness my change for the better. It is going to happen. I know it is.  This is my HIGH LIFE  what’s yours?


Love, Golden J. Roland – Astronautical Ambassador



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