Men Are Beautiful

Men are beautiful works of art.

Men bare with me. I’m just a woman in love. In love with your confidence, strength, charisma, determination and physique. A woman in love with you. That is why despite all of the hurt I’ve encountered on your behalf, I refuse to give up on you and on myself. Working on something new to show I care.  Maybe if I show that, you’ll show that you care for us women too.

XoXo, Golden

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**Ladies do you know a beautiful man? Celebrity or not -Show your appreciation here! If you have a poem, story, a letter or  anything that you want to say to beautiful men (inside and out) or just a picture of one let me know!  Feel to add anything just contact me and I’ll make sure to get it up as soon as possible.  When I say anything,  I mean anything goes, regardless of race, physical beauty, age (ok sorry 18+) religion. It can serious, sensual or silly, etc. These men need to know they are loved by us so they can love us in return. Please don’t use this as a male bashing or a who’s the finest man project because it’s not! It’s simply appreciation.


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