A work in progress but I’m working none-the-less. Still trying to figure out the wilds of e-commerce.

Everything I create are sunrays of the light within me trying to shine outwardly. I create to strengthen  mental, spiritual, social and physical health through wearable art with the intent to encourage, empower and enlighten.

I have two entities:

1. Goldensunrays –  Art x  Faith x Life inspired products made from everyday repurposed and recycled products

2. THEE HIGH LIFE – Bold, statement -making, faith inspired personal care items and apparel used as invitations to take your life higher!

Feeling the “Sunrays?” Click here to begin shopping

Ready to live “THEE HIGH LIFE”?  Click here to begin shopping

If you have any other inquiries about my products feel free to fill out the form below:


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